Calendar Notify Box

Calendar Notify

Version: 1.11 build 174

Calendar/Agenda Notify displays your Calendar events in the status bar (and the lock screen on Android Lollipop) using a beautiful design that's both visually pleasing and highly functional.

Choose your favourite design by tweaking layout, event color and event filters.

Push the notification to the top or the bottom of the notification list, it is up to you.

Determine the period of time to display events from as well as the calendars to load the events from.

All-day events can be filtered away so you can concentrate solely on upcoming meetings.

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Medieval Miner Box

Medieval Miner

Version: 1.0 build 24

Medieval Miner is the best match 3 puzzle game to land in your hands. Match resources to create 3 in a row or match 4 (or more) to receive bonus experience and level up faster!
All resources that you match are collected in your inventory and used to complete Quests or sell to other players on the Public Market.
Complete Quests without worrying about running out of moves. Each Quest will give you Experience to level up and propel you higher on the global Leaderboard for all the Kingdom to see!
Some Quests will ask for items that you'll need to Craft from other Resources that you've mined or purchased on the Public Market. You can also sell your own resources on the Public Market to other players and make a great income!
Medieval Miner is completely free to play, but some in-game items will require an optional payment.

Xion Audio Player Box

Xion Audio Player

Version: 1.5 build 160

Never write a single line of code again. Design and build directly from within Photoshop.

Xion Audio Player is an ultra light and easily skinnable audio player that features a new standard in skin support. Xion's unique system will directly read a .PSD file and using layer names, instantly bring your skin to life. Learn More

Xion Audio Player also supports direct loading from Zip files which allow you to package several .PSD files in the one package. This has the added benefit of being compressed and therefore consumes less disk space.

Xion Audio Player is ultra light and only consumes minimal amounts of RAM and CPU.

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Invaders Must Die Box

Invaders Must Die

Version: 1.0 build 15

Earth's military have destroyed your UFO, causing you to crash land!
Run, jump and jetpack away from the military as you dodge angry earthlings, missiles and mines through colourful scenery!
Jump onto buildings and collect jetpack and helmet powerups to help you escape from all that Earth's inhabitants are trying to throw at you.
There's a ton of unlockable ships, characters, helmets and pets to unlock as you replay your attempts to escape.
Collect Pets such as Nyan Cat, Toast, Kangaroo, Penguin and many more!
Plenty of Achievements to unlock and a Leaderboard so you can challenge your friends to stay alive the longest!

Startup Delayer Box

Startup Delayer

Version: 3.0 build 366

Startup Delayer gives you the power to optimize your Startup Process by delaying applications from starting up as soon as you log into your computer.

By delaying the applications during start up, your computer becomes usable a lot faster. Startup Delayer will then start launching your delayed applications when your computer is more idle.

Gem Tower Box

Gem Tower

Version: 1.0 build 8

Compete with friends in the Leaderboards and unlock Achievements as you hone your reaction speed.

There are 3 game modes to explore and a ton of Achievements to unlock as you play to the rhythmic music that makes your heart race.

Teeny Tinies Box

Teeny Tinies

Version: 1.0 build 1

Teeny Tinies is an easy learning game.

Teeny Tinies is made to challenge toddlers in a fun environment so they don’t get frustrated. This game is fully interactive and everything makes a noise when tapped.

Although toddlers are encouraged to play the game with a reward system, they can just as well aimlessly explore the environment and learn at their own pace. The game is designed the game to suit toddlers aged 2 - 4 with no knowledge required to play.

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