Medieval Miner for Android and iOS

By Cliff Cawley on 19th April 2017

Medieval Miner is finally out and ready for you to play! Please download, play it and rate it to let me know what you think!

Medieval Miner is the best match 3 puzzle game to land in your hands. Match resources to create 3 in a row or match 4 (or more) to receive bonus experience and level up faster!
All resources that you match are collected in your inventory and used to complete Quests or sell to other players on the Public Market.


Invaders Must Die for Android and iOS

By Cliff Cawley on 18th January 2016

Invaders Must Die is a new Android and iOS game created in collaboration with the talented Aaron Jay. Please download, play it and rate it to let us know what you think!

Earth is out to get you after you visited, survive for as long as possible!!


Announcing Photoik for iOS and Android

By Cliff Cawley on 16th November 2015

Every day a new word or phrase will be displayed, giving you the opportunity to take a photo of something that you feel represents the word or phrase.
Once you've submitted your photo for the day, you will unlock all photos that have been submitted for that day so that you can see how others were inspired over the course of the day!
You can browse back through the history of inspirations, like photos to push them higher, add comments to photos and save a photo for later.

Download for your mobile device now!


Announcing Calendar Notify for Android

By Cliff Cawley on 4th January 2015

Calendar Notify for Android displays your Calendar events in the status bar (and the lock screen on Android Lollipop) using a beautiful design that's both visually pleasing and highly functional.
You have the ability to choose custom calendars, prioritize the position of the notification, customize the design and other quick settings.
If you regularly use the Calendar to manage your life, meetings and events then you should definitely install Calendar Notify!

Download for your Android device now!


Your Top 3 reasons for using Tonic

By Cliff Cawley on 27th November 2014

There has been an increase in interest about Tonic lately and I'm considering restarting the project. The existing version is extremely old and written in visual basic 6 which is horrible and I've moved on to other languages many years ago.

Before I start anything, I'd like to get some feedback from you. Feel free to post it below in the Comments or use the Support page to let me know your thoughts.

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