We now have a new Host!

By Cliff Cawley on 12th October 2004

We are now on our new host!

Let us know if you experience any problems.

- r2 Studios team


Public Testers needed!

By Cliff Cawley on 7th September 2004

We are looking for some users to help us with testing before we release new versions of our software! We need you to download and test the software, and send your bug reports and problems, etc to our Support team.

This is NOT release quality software. If you are worried about stability, then please do not download this software. Only download if you are willing to help us out by testing that the software works on your computer.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot be held responsible for problems that this software may cause. While all due care is taken, we cannot guarantee every situation.

Having said that, if you would like to help us out, then please email us at Product Support and we will be in contact with you.

The sooner we get these products tested the sooner we can fix, and release them!

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