Tonic 1.0.480 Released!

By Cliff Cawley on 20th September 2003

The much anticipated next release of Tonic is finally here! Much time and effort has gone into improving Tonic for all users with updates to the messaging system, networking support and user control.

To download your copy, visit the Tonic download page

Here is a brief list of What is new:

New Messaging Window. Can be customized from Preferences

New Notifier System (can be disabled in Settings)

New Emotes can be sent with messages

New Option to set enter to send message

New Status System

New Announcement system

New Connection Management to allow joining of Networks

Ability to manually add IP Addresses

Export option added to history

Support for international characters

Can send messages to users that are offline

'Auto away' (change time in Preferences)

'Minimize on Send' option now in Preferences

'Close on Send' option now in Preferences

'Clear All History Now' button added to Preferences

'Beep PC Speaker on Receive' option added to Preferences

Have fun everyone!

r2 Studios

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