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Tonic is no longer under active development and has been Archived.

It is possible that sometime in the future, development will be re-started.

You can use the Support page if you have further questions about the development of Tonic


Tonic is free to download and use.

Tonic Information

Version: 1.0 build 990
Released: 3rd Sep 2006
File size: 1.5mb

What's new in Tonic 1.0 build 990

  1. Add: Don't scroll the message window if you are looking at previous messages
  2. Add: Show your current status using your icon on the User list
  3. Fix: Added list of users within current conversation to the current message window
  4. Fix: Fixed User List flicker during startup
  5. Fix: Starting a Conversation no longer opens a conversation on other users computers unless you send something
  6. Fix: Change 'Message' menu item back to normal Messaging and add new 'Conversation' menu item
  7. Fix: Clicking a link will open in default browser and not just IE
  8. Fix: Ctrl+Backspace works when not just at end of line
  9. Fix: Sending/Recieving Images to/from older clients
  10. Faster Message window updates
  11. Fix: Animations no longer reset when you receive a new message
  12. Fix: No more clicking sound when you send a message
  13. If you go offline without reading your messages, you will presented with them again when you go back online.
  14. Add better support for the emotes.ini file. Substitution is now done on the local side
  15. Added support for distributed lists. If another Tonic has users you don't yours will add them
  16. Cleaned up missing DLL sending
  17. Update Idle checking for win 2000 and above so it no longer uses hooks
  18. Fix: Message window getting strange updates when viewing emotes
  19. Fixed blank menu items
  20. Fixed Group menu items showing up and doing nothing when not in group mode
  21. Fixes to File Transfer
  22. Improved appearance of Notifier
  23. Improved Settings Window and Tabs
  24. Major change to Image system. Now uses .gifs instead .ico (No more icons!), therefore supports Animated Gifs for your Image (Only in message window)
  25. Auto Updates MessageWindow Designs from .exe when its run for the first time. This ensures that MessageWindow's are compatible
  26. Added ability to disable History
  27. Small polish changes
  28. Fix: Transparency on some new .gif files used for images was broken
  29. Fix: Flashing of online icon in tray when message icon was flashing
  30. Fix: Don't Auto Away if Away was manually set. Don't Auto away if in modes other than online
  31. Fix: Allow right click on notify window to hide it
  32. Fix: Sending Large .gif Images now works
  33. Fix: Cleanup old .ico files on first run
  34. Add ability to choose font size, color and name
  35. Add font button to message windows
  36. Add ability to choose font size, color and name
  37. Add font button to message windows
  38. Add missing unknownimage.gif
  39. Fix Move to End, Offline sorting
  40. Fix transfer of Icons. Will no longer flood clients but wait for 500ms
  41. Fix sharing of user lists
  42. Added support for multi chat
  43. Fix renaming on contacts not being remembered
  44. Fixed Extra messages being displayed when existing conversation windows were already open
  45. Add Notifier location fallbacks so that it doesn't end up in a weird location
  46. Limit Tonic image sizes in window.
  47. Fix Notifier showing up as watermark when switching tasks
  48. Increase Notifier Show and Hide Speed
  49. Fixed message not showing when viewing history of a user with an old version of tonic
  50. Move System Messages to their own centered text, rather than making it look like the contact said it in the conversation window
  51. Tidy up System Messages
  52. Add Action messages for file sending and receiving
  53. Clean up font sizes in all windows
  54. Fixed Select Contacts appearing behind message windows when Always on Top - Thanks Justin!
  55. Added support for Terminal Service User Switching and Fast User Switching (Auto goes offline/online) - Thanks Chris!
  56. Added fix for History not showing on some machines where history was out of date
  57. Fix missing message text in windows
  58. Resize Send and Cancel buttons
  59. Convert Change font button to an image to match the rest
  60. Many, Many other small changes and fixes

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