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Every day a new word or phrase will be displayed, giving you the opportunity to take a photo of something that you feel represents the word or phrase.
Once you've submitted your photo for the day, you will unlock all photos that have been submitted for that day so that you can see how others were inspired over the course of the day!
You can browse back through the history of inspirations, like photos to push them higher, add comments to photos and save a photo for later.
Notifications are used to let you know when a new inspiration is available and when you're able to take your next photo as well as for new comments and likes.


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Photoik Key Features

Be Inspired

Be inspired to take notice of the world around you. Take a photo of something that reminds you of the word/phrase of the day.

Interact with others

Chat about other's inspirations, like their photos and see how others are inspired over the day.



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