Startup Delayer Documentation

Version Comparison

Startup Delayer 3.0 comes in two versions. Standard and Premium. Standard remains free, while Premium has a small cost associated.

The Premium version has several advanced features and helps to support future development. If you'd like to support the development of Startup Delayer, please consider upgrading to the Premium version.

Comparison Table

Feature 3.0 Standard 3.0 Premium
Delay applications at Startup at a specific time
Configure Run type (normal, minimized, maximized)
Pause the startup till an application has terminated
Drag and Drop organisation
Automatically launches applications based on computer idleness
Delay local user applications without administrator rights
Modify any local user from the one user account
Windows 7, UAC, 64bit and Digital Signature Aware
Multi-select and manipulate applications
Associate User Notes with any Startup Application
View Performance Graph of last Startup
Quick Filter and built in filters to easily locate Applications
Easily search the internet for more information on an Application
Advanced Wait options
Ignore Launching an application if its already running
Undelete previously deleted applications
View and manipulate Running Tasks
View and manipulate Services
Configure an application to run with highest privileges
Automatically remove duplicate entries added by applications
Modify the Priority of an application at Launch
View the running status of a Startup Application
Copy and Paste applications between user accounts  
Convert running Tasks to Startup Applications  
Backup and Restore all local users and applications  
Startup Profiles  
Launch applications on a schedule  
All Ads removed from the r2 Studios website  
Support future development  
1 license supports all your home computers  


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