Startup Delayer Documentation

What is Startup Delayer?

Startup Delayer gives you the power to optimize your Startup/Login process by delaying applications that usually start as soon as you log into your computer. Most of these applications aren't needed immediately, and needlessly slow down your login.

How does this optimize the startup?

During the login process, your computer is attempting to give all of the applications slices of hard drive and processor time. The more applications that are starting at the same time, the more thrashing and slowdowns will occur. Startup Delayer allows you to determine which of these applications aren't needed immediately and delay them till the hard drive and processor are idle.

As your hard drive and processor become idle, Startup Delayer will then begin launching the applications you've delayed, in the order you delayed them in. Not only does this allow you to control the order of your startup, but it can help reduce the thrashing of your hard drive as well as give you control of your system much sooner in the boot process.

Startup Delayer also waits for an Application to entirely load before it launches the next. This means the Application gets exclusive use of your system until its up and running and ready to be interacted with. Some Applications can take several seconds to get to this state, depending on what they're doing and giving them exclusive use of your computer, allows them to get to that state much quicker than if they're fighting other Applications.

How does this affect my startup?

When you give Startup Delayer control over launching your applications, you'll find that your computer will be in a usable state a lot quicker than normal. Your Computer will generally be concentrating on launching just one Application in the background, allowing Windows to still respond to your inputs. Generally this means you can start using your Computer faster than normal, without having to wait for it to catch up to you.

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