Startup Delayer Documentation

Launch Process Window

The Launch Process Window is available while Startup Delayer is launching Applications after you login. By default it is hidden, but can be forced to be shown in the Options window. Settings for the Notifier Window can be found in the main Options window within Startup Delayer.

Startup List Tab

The Startup List provides a way to see what has launched and what is still to launch. You can Pause the Startup Process at any time using the Pause Startup Process checkbox in the top right. Skip and Launch Now buttons are available and operate on the current Startup Item.

The entire startup process can be cancelled by using the Cancel Launch Process now button. No further Applications will be launched and Startup Delayer will close.

Launch Log Tab

The Launch Log Tab contains the Launch Log for the current session. It is updated in real time and can be viewed again later from the main Startup Delayer window.

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