Startup Delayer Documentation

Adding an Application

To Add an application as a Startup Application, click the Add Application menu item. After clicking this button a prompt will be displayed, allowing the ability to browse for a supported executable type. Supported executable types are .exe, .bat and .com.

Once an executable has been chosen, the Application Properties window will be displayed where further properties can be setup before the application is added.

If you find that after adding an Application to Startup Delayer, it still runs before Startup Delayer launches it, you may need to tell that Application to stop launching with Windows.

Make sure you've delayed the application in Startup Delayer (so that Startup Delayer knows about the Application) and then open the Application in question and locate the Options or Settings screen. You're looking for an option that is similar to 'Start with Windows' or 'Launch at Startup'. By turning this off, the Application will no longer keep adding itself back to the Windows Startup and instead Startup Delayer will launch it.