Startup Delayer Documentation

Advanced Tab

The Advanced Properties window has such properties as the Run mode, Priority and Launch Schedule.

The Run mode drop down box is used to launch an application either Normally, Minimized or Maximized by default. If a Startup Application supports this mode, the Application window will obey this when launched. Be aware that some applications do not obey the Run mode.

The Priority drop down box can be used to specify the Process Priority when it is launched. Once launched the priority will stay in effect until it is either changed by the Application itself, it is manually changed in the Task Manager, or the Application is terminated.

The Launch on specific days check box can be enabled and the required days can be chosen by clicking the Choose Days button. A window will display requesting you to place check boxes next to the specific days you wish to launch on.

The Don't Launch if an instance of this Application is already running will only launch the Application if another instance is not already running on your Computer. This ensures that only a single instance of the Application is running. Note that it does take into account the Command line options. If an Application has been launched with different Command line options, this is considered to be a seperate Application.

The Launch with highest privileges check box will force the Application to launch with the highest privileges under the current user. This generally prompts for an Administrator password when launching the Application. There may be no prompt if UAC is disabled.

The Automatically remove duplicates of this Application check box will check if the Application has added itself back to the Windows startup process. This is checked when the Startup Application is loaded into Startup Delayer. Any duplicates that have been detected will be automatically removed by Startup Delayer.