Startup Delayer Documentation

General Tab

The General Tab allows you to modify the Label which identifies the Application, the Target (which includes the command line options) as well as the Folder to Start in and the User Note.

The Label is used to identify the Application and is generally stored as the name of the Shortcut or Registry entry that the Startup Application is located. Modifying this is generally not recommended unless you've added the Application yourself, as existing Applications will use this Label to identify themselves. User Notes can be used instead to associate meta data with an Application.

The Target determines the Application to launch. Command line options can be appended if they are required.

The Start in path can be used to modify the Folder or Directory that the Application is run from. If left blank, the Folder or Directory of the Target will be used.

The Edit User Note button will display the Edit User Note window ready for to edit the existing User Note, create a new User Note or Remove the existing User Note.