Introducing Teeny Tinies Toddler game for Phone and Tablet

By Cliff Cawley on 3rd May 2013

I'd like to introduce Teeny Tinies. In between working on my r2 Studios software, I've also been writing a video game for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets with Katie. 

Teeny Tinies is a game for Toddlers (2-4 years old) and features bright colours and fun sounds on a simplistic interface. No in-game purchases and no disruptions to play. 

Teeny Tinies is made to challenge toddlers in a fun environment so they don’t get frustrated. This game is fully interactive and everything makes a noise when tapped.
The game environment is made up of Music, Numbers and Costume areas where toddlers learn musical notes, alphabet, counting, colours, creativity and how to spot the difference.
Katie has done an awesone job on all the art and design in the game and I'm really happy with how the game turned out. It was just the two of us teaming up together in our spare time for about 6 months to create the game and if you have toddlers or know someone who has toddlers, we hope you can buy a copy (It's only $0.99!) and let them enjoy the game!


You can view now on the App Store or on Google Play by using the buttons below or by searching for Teeny Tinies on your device.

Teeny Tinies is available on the App Store Teeny Tinies is available on Google Play

For further information, please visit the r2 Studios sister site Appelli

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