Startup Delayer 3 versus Startup Delayer 2

By Cliff Cawley on 16th April 2011

Startup Delayer 3.0 a complete re-write from the ground up and has a large amount of new features that aren't in Startup Delayer 2.0. This list of features which were initially quite substantial have now grown from the initial set due to feedback from Beta testers.

Below is a comparison table of all of the major features.

Comparison Table 

Feature Startup Delayer 2.0 Startup Delayer 3.0
Delay applications at Startup at a specific time Y Y
Configure Run type (normal, minimized, maximized) Y Y
Pause the startup till an application has terminated Y Y
Drag and Drop organisation   Y
Automatically launches applications based on computer idleness   Y
Delay local user applications without administrator rights   Y
Modify any local user from the one user account   Y
Windows 7, UAC, 64bit and Digital Signature Aware   Y
Multi-select and manipulate applications   Y
Associate User Notes with any Startup Application   Y
View Performance Graph of last Startup   Y
Quick Filter and built in filters to easily locate Applications   Y
Easily search the internet for more information on an Application   Y
Advanced Wait options allowing for User confirmation, Application termination or Application initialization   Y
Ignore Launching an application if its already running   Y
Undelete previously deleted applications   Y
View and manipulate Running Tasks   Y
View and manipulate Services   Y
Configure an application to run with highest privileges   Y
Automatically remove duplicate entries added by applications   Y
Modify the Priority of an application at Launch   Y
View the running status of a Startup Application   Y
Copy and Paste applications between user accounts   Y
Convert running Tasks to Startup Applications   Y
Backup and Restore all local users and applications   Y
Startup Profiles that allow quick switching of Application configurations   Y
Launch applications on a schedule   Y


So when will Startup Delayer 3.0 be released?

The most common question I receive is 'When will it be released?'. Some people have pointed out that its said 'Coming Soon' on the website for a long time now. This is indeed true and unfortunately is the result of working on this in my spare time as I need to support myself financially in some way. I hope everyone can understand that by spare time I mean when I get home from my usual day job, I code sometimes till midnight on weeknights and most weekends.

I've recently created a website where I release information about what I'm working on with more regular updates than I post here. If you're interested in following me, visit where you'll find my blog (which currently just consists of release notes for the Startup Delayer Beta's) as well as my social network links and some other information about me.

The Beta releases have helped to shape Startup Delayer 3.0 to where it is today. Those of you who have been reporting issues and making suggestions have been doing a fantastic job in helping with the release. Of course the requests and changes I've been making have meant that I keep pushing the release back. I'm happy to say though that finally the Beta testers are happy with where Startup Delayer 3.0 is and the requests and reports have slowed down so much that I'm aiming to release in a few weeks as long as no major issues present themselves.

Launching a brand new version is always a harrowing experience. Its a struggle of making it perfect and not disappointing everyone by taking too long. Future updates will occur much faster now that the majority of the code base is done.

Hang in there a while longer, I'm sure the Beta testers can attest that the wait will be worth it.

Make sure you use the comments below to tell me which features you're most looking forward to!


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