Startup Delayer version 3.0 build 307 released

By Cliff Cawley on 5th July 2011

Build 306 was released only for testing, hence this is build 307.

The major change in this version of Startup Delayer is the merging of the Active and Common User into the one list, similar to how it was in Startup Delayer 2.5.

There's now a new toggle in the User menu that allows you to enable/disable this feature. It will be enabled by default and should work immediately after installation.

I've taken care of all the tricky business behind the scenes. The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was determining how this would all work in a multi user environment, as well as getting it to all play nice with UAC.

I think the solution I've come up with is quite elegant and allows each user to order the Common applications as they please. As soon as a Common Application is deleted, all custom delays are obviously removed.

There are also a few new options in the Options window and I've tidied up some of the toolbar buttons.

There are a ton of other changes in this build, be sure to check out the Release notes for a full list. Release Notes for build 307 can be found here

To download now either use the Auto Update in the Startup Delayer Options window (Recommended), or download from the Download page.

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