Startup Delayer version 3.0 build 318 released

By Cliff Cawley on 18th November 2011

Build 318 contains fixes for crashes as well as improvements to the detection of paths and launching of applications that have previously ignored the Minimized checkbox.

You can grab the build from the Product page or use the Update button in the Options Window of Startup Delayer.

Fixes in this build:

  • Fixed serialization issue related to User Notes
  • Added font checks to launch to ensure the interface can be loaded
  • Fixed minor issues related to pathing
  • Added extra information when there was an error creating a directory
  • Added fix for crash when there was an error with the key
  • Added user profile search via GetSpecialFolder if environment variable doesn't exist
  • Added fix for crash when shutting down and the periodic timer event fires
  • Added VC2008 C++ download recommendation if required support libraries couldn't be loaded due to a COM error
  • Added fix for assert when attempting to write to a registry key that you don't have access to
  • Added fix for crash when the recycle bin object can't be correctly loaded
  • Added fix for missing old 2.x files during install
  • Added support for UNC path detection
  • Added error dialog if the Backup file couldn't be created during install
  • Added clamp to Usage window slider
  • Improved the detection of unknown executables when no path is given but where the executable can be found in a PATH variable
  • Improved the detection of unknown executables when no extension is used
  • Fixed crash when querying a service that you don't have access to
  • Added fix for crash when an invalid path is used for a startup application
  • Fixed crash on Windows 2000 when a listview wasn't loaded yet
  • Improved the Xml Loaders
  • Added fix for when an invalid path is encountered in the edit form
  • Added checks for invalid path and location names
  • Added failsafe if font couldn't be loaded for a skin
  • Added fix for crash on Vista SP2 when the language couldn't be queried
  • Added extra error reporting when a problem with 'high characters' in the xml writing stage is encountered in order to narrow down the problem
  • Added reset to settings when an error occurs while retrieving the language
  • Used alternate method for launching processes which involves directly calling the ShellExecute Library which helps fix issues where some applications don't launched minimized

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