Startup Delayer version 3.0 build 320 released

By Cliff Cawley on 3rd February 2012

Build 320 has no more Custom controls which were previously causing random crashes and other instability on user's machines.

This means that the Interface has moved back to traditional Windows controls and will look a little different to previous builds. You'll also notice there are no longer any skins supported. Startup Delayer will just use whatever Windows skin you have applied.

You can grab the build from the Product page or use the Update button in the Options Window of Startup Delayer.

Changes in this build:

  • Modified AutoUpdate to keep checking when an update is found and only revert to delayed checking after an update. This helps keep users up to date
  • Added error prompt when unable to gain access when writing a file and updated the existing localization
  • Fixed serialization bug when setting idle values to 0
  • Updated all of the Startup Delayer project to completely remove all Krypton controls
  • Updated all of the Startup Launcher project to completely remove all Krypton controls
  • Threaded the initialization of the Timers so that Startup Launcher starts up faster
  • Updated the Install process to remove more old files
  • Fixed Zip codepage for the SDXmlUpgrader
  • Updated all Forms to ensure they support 120dpi
  • Fixed Install upgrade from 2.x removing Local machine Run entry



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