r2 Studios Site will be going down for Maintenance

By Cliff Cawley on 10th May 2011

I'll be taking the r2 Studios Site down within the next day or two and performing some Maintenance.

While the Beta testers have been busy with the latest build of Startup Delayer 3.0, I've been revamping some of the backend code for the website.

Part of the changes involve shifting all of my static resources off onto Amazon's S3 service. This should help reduce the load on this server and handle any traffic fluctuations.

I've added a caching system to the website too so when the site comes back up, you should notice a snappier experience.

At the same time I've added a user registration system that integrates with the new purchase system. Payments will be handled by PayPal, but I'll be handling the rest.

Why on earth am I doing all this? Well, why don't you use the comments below and try to guess!

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