Startup Delayer version 3.0 build 335 released

By Cliff Cawley on 19th August 2013

Build 335 of Startup Delayer now uses a Scheduled Task to Launch on systems that Support it. (Vista, 7, 8).

This allows Startup Delayer to launch Applications with full privileges without popping up the UAC dialog. It also means that Startup Delayer gets launched earlier in the startup process and some users should experience a faster startup.

There are additional features added in this build which have been requested by users. Read more for the full change list.

You can grab the build from the Product page or use the Update button in the Options Window of Startup Delayer.

Changes in this build:

  • Added Dutch Language
  • Modified the behaviour of Update checking in the Premium version to reflect that of the Standard version, making it more reliable
  • Upgraded to use .net 3.5
  • Added localizations for Run styles
  • Tweaked the detection of UpdatusUser when access to the folder is denied
  • Fixed thread race condition when shutting down while in timer event and terminate is called
  • Fixes for file operation exceptions when updating localization
  • Added fix for parsing old data files from 2.4
  • Added better detection of users that can login
  • Added support to run as a Scheduled Task on logon on those systems that support it (Scheduled Tasks v2). Falls back to existing registry method on systems that don't (e.g. XP)
  • Switched cpu counter from Processor to Processor Information
  • Added Username column to Running Tasks to show the Owner of the running Task
  • Added Process Id column to Running Tasks to show the Process Id of the running Task
  • Modified the Notifier window to show the counting down time till the next manual launch, instead of requiring you to expand the panel
  • Improved the appearance of the performance graph
  • Added detection support for varying brace counts in translations
  • Fixed strings not showing up in Invalid list
  • Added extra checks before upload to confirm all invalid strings
  • Added an alert panel if there were errors detected during the last startup
  • Fixed display bug with order of Profile and New Profile items

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