Startup Delayer version 3.0 build 351 released

By Cliff Cawley on 2nd December 2013

Build 351 of Startup Delayer now once again uses a Scheduled Task to Launch on systems that Support it. (Vista, 7, 8). 

This allows Startup Delayer to launch Applications with full privileges without popping up the UAC dialog. It also means that Startup Delayer gets launched earlier in the startup process and some users should experience a faster startup.

This build also includes additional features and some fixes. Read more for the full change list.

You can grab the build from the Product page or use the Update button in the Options Window of Startup Delayer.

Changes in this build:

  • Added Greek language support to Startup Delayer - Thanks Dimitris Psirrakis (westor)!
  • Updated Languages - NL, PT-BR, IT, PL, RU
  • Added localizations for the Time display and defaulted to 0m 0h 0s instead of 00:00:00
  • Added support for launching from Task Scheduler so that elevated tasks can be launched without constant UAC prompting
  • Updated the appearance of the Performance Graph
  • Updated how Priority is applied to an application
  • Revamped the way applications are launched so that normal applications use Task Scheduler, elevated use an Elevated Task Scheduler
  • Updated the Error reporting window style and wording
  • Updated the way that the CPU is calculated to use different API calls instead of WMI
  • Optimized the startup process by reducing some built in delays for checks
  • Fixed detection of parameters in running tasks when additional whitespace is used
  • Added tweaks to Scheduled Task items
  • Modified Copy and Paste to allow duplicating applications by copy/pasting within the same user
  • Added fix in case Common Users Startup path is incorrect
  • Sorted the Snapshots listbox by descending date
  • Fixed issue if there's a user profile listed in ProfileList but their registry hive no longer exists
  • Minor fixes and tweaks

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