Tonic Documentation

Manage Connections

The Manage Connections window allows you to bridge your networks together.

For example if some of your computers are on the 10.0.0.x network, and others are on 192.168.0.x then you can add the relevant broadcast addresses for the network, in order to allow Tonic to scan them for users.

When you first open the Manage Connections window, you will see that Tonic has already added four addresses. These are the three subnet broadcasts for your current IP address, as well as the global broadcast address(

If your IP address is, then you will see, and to ensure coverage of all the networks within the 10.* range.

To add a new connection, type the address into the four boxes in the 'Create New Connection' box, and Click Add. For example, if your ip was, and you wanted to join to the 192.168.0.x range, then you would add into the boxes, and then click Add.

You can remove an address by selecting it in the 'Current Connection List' box, and clicking on the Remove button.

If you find that you made a mistake and cannot for some reason get Tonic working again, try removing all entries from the list, and Tonic will autodetect the settings again on the next restart.