Tonic Documentation


Before Sending:

Send Question - A message that can only be answered with Yes or No will be sent to the user. To enter the Question, use the 'Message to display' box

Send Annoucement - A message that cannot be answered will be sent to the user. To enter the message, use the 'Message to display' box

Message to display - Enter either the question or the Announcement in this box and click send.

After Sending the Question:

If you send an announcement, then the window will close. If you send a Question, then when you click Send, a new box entitled 'Results' will appear down the bottom.

You can use the results box to view who said yes and who said no to your question. A tally of all the yes's and no's are added up to the right. If a user closes the window without responding Tonic will inform you of this in the Results window.

Once you are satisfied with the results, click the close button.